The Cumberland Singers perform in a wide variety of musical styles, from classical to folk to Broadway to jazz. Please check out our past programs and support our generous sponsors!

Spring 2020 – Who is Your Neighbor?
A continuation of last season’s welcoming message, with songs about community, empathy, and strength.

Fall 2019 – Welcome!
Thought-provoking songs about welcoming Christmas, welcoming each other, and welcoming the stranger.

Spring 2019 – Seasons of Love
Songs in the styles of choral, jazz, pops, folk and Broadway with the themes of love and the four seasons.

Fall 2018 – Laughing All the Way
Christmas favorites, sacred and secular

Spring, 2017 – How High the Moon
Two concerts in one! Beautiful choral music set to lovely poetry for the first half, and fun jazz and pops for the second. All centered around the theme of sun, moon and stars.

Fall, 2017 – Radiant Light
A program of holiday carols – sacred and secular, common and lesser-known.

Spring, 2017 – Make Them Hear You
This is a program of beautiful poetry and wise words, all about speaking truth, standing up against injustice, supporting each other in times of trouble, and being yourself.

Fall, 2016 – Celebrate!
Songs of hope, joy and remembrance, including, in the first half of the concert, uplifting texts about justice and light, creation and sorrow. The second half of our program is What Sweeter Music, a lovely Christmas cantata in English and Latin, telling the Christmas story through 9 movements of favorite hymns as well as lesser-known sacred pieces. This is a program encompassing a broad spectrum of the emotions we may feel during the holiday season.

Spring 2016 – What’s in a Name?
Songs with names – Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Jeremiah (was a bullfrog…), Moses, Elijah, Barbara Allen, Bill Bailey, and more.

Fall, 2015 – Merry Little Christmas
Our program is a mix of sacred and secular holiday music, including Biebl’s Ave Maria, beautiful Alice Parker arrangements, some jazzy settings, including The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy and Jazzy Jingle Bells, and a Twelve Days of Christmas extravaganza that explores the history of western music from Gregorian Chant to a modern-day march.

Spring, 2015 – Everything’s All Right!
This is a mix of Cumberland Singers favorites from across the years. There’s something for everyone.

Fall, 2014 – Sing Me to Winter!
A concert exploring the relationship between Christmas and winter solstice.

Spring, 2014 – Music in the Air!
The Cumberland Singers celebrate many wonderful years together with a concert of songs about music and singing.

Fall, 2013 – The Twelve Days of Christmas
Swans and pipers and dancers… One piece for each of the twelve days is included in this program – Christmas music as well as folk songs, beautiful poetry and a little bit of jazz.

Spring, 2013 – Deep Peace
This program includes two movements from John Rutter’s Requiem, as well as folk, gospel and contemporary choral pieces. The poetry of Emily Dickinson and Sara Teasdale is inspiring, and texts asking us to “be still, look up and listen” and “walk a mile in your neighbor’s shoes” are beautiful and thought-provoking.

Fall, 2012 – Sweet Sound
Four mini-concerts on the themes of Angels, Bells, Hallelujahs, and Songs from the Movies         

Spring, 2012 – Anything But Quiet
Broadway from its beginning to the present time – Les Mis, Phantom, Little Women, Chess…

Fall, 2011 – Wonderful Gift

Spring, 2011 – Speak to One Another

Fall, 2010 – December

Spring, 2010 – Cabaret!

Christmas 2009, Awake and Sing!

Spring 2009,
Road Trip Across America

Christmas 2008,
Lullabies and Jubilation

Spring 2008, My Spirit Sang All Day

Christmas 2007, Autumn to Auld Lang Syne

Spring 2007, Many Waters

Christmas 2006, Sing We Now of Christmas