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Sponsor a song for this season’s concert:
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Before the Parade Passes By (Hello Dolly) 100
Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka) 95 Carol/Camille
We Dance (Once on this Island) 85 – friends
Once Upon a December (Anastasia) 100 Carole
Make Them Hear You (Ragtime) 95 Emily R
When She Loved Me (Toy Story) 100 – sopranos
Singin’ in the Rain (Singin’ in the Rain) 100 Marilyn
Opening Up (Waitress) 100
She Used to Be Mine (Waitress) 100
What Baking Can Do (Waitress) 100 – altos
Everybody Says Don’t (Anyone Can Whistle) 100 Virginia
Someday (Hunchback) 100 – Anmarie
This Is Me (Greatest Showman) 100 – Pamela Naugle
Come Alive (Greatest Showman) 100 – altos
From Now On (Greatest Showman) 115 – Janee