Join the choir!

We are a treble voices choir, and we accept new soprano and alto singers. ages 16 and up, at the start of each concert season (September and January). All prospective singers will be required to audition with the director – read about auditions here. At your first rehearsal with us, we will also meet with you to discuss the expectations and responsibilities that come with joining the Cumberland Singers, such as attendance, dues, commitment to learning music, etc. There is no need to prepare anything for your audition – we are looking for women who have good pitch, beautiful tone quality, basic music-reading skills, and the desire to contribute positively to a collaborative group.

Membership dues are $50 each season, payable to The Cumberland Singers at the beginning of the season. You do not need to pay for music, but we expect you to return it in good condition at the end of the season.cumberland__8

Members are expected to participate fully in our activities, including learning music, attending rehearsals and performances, and helping with fundraisers. Members are also asked to agree to a singer contract, which outlines what we all agree to do in order to make our community work well as a group.

If you are not interested in singing but would like to volunteer, please contact us! We can always use help with fundraising, public relations, events, etc., and we would love to meet you!

Questions? Contact us any time through our website, Facebook page, or directly at, 717-421-1879.

We look forward to meeting you!