*Please note that having an up-to-date COVID vaccination is a requirement of singing with the Cumberland Singers.*

All new singers are required to participate in a simple audition to assess basic skills. We keep this process as low-stress as possible! Past singers will be asked to participate in a voice placement evaluation with the director. Send us a note through our contact page, and the director will contact you to schedule your audition/voice placement.

Your audition for the Cumberland Singers will consist of a 15-minute meeting with the director, who will check range, determine your best voice part, and assess tone quality. These will be evaluated through a series of vocal exercises, listening to you sing Happy Birthday, and determining how well you are able to learn a short excerpt of your part in a piece of choral music. We will also test basic sight reading skills, but this is not a deal breaker.

Auditions will be held before each season and may be done in person or online through zoom. Contact us to schedule your auditon.

What are we looking for in new singers?

  • Good pitch and rhythm
  • Ability to blend with other voices
  • Desire to work hard as part of an ensemble

If you are accepted into the choir, you will be asked to agree to a singer contract, which outlines what we all agree to do in order to make our community work well as a group.

Zoom meeting link: